Petersfield, Jamaica

 Enjoy interacting with local children in the Calloway community of Petersfield....

Enjoy interacting with local children in the Calloway community of Petersfield....

     Rural Petersfield JAmaica

We will be taking student volunteers to Petersfield Jamaica where they will work closely with the Association of Clubs under the guidance of Mr. Matthias Brown an elder within the community.  Service Learners will engage with many different members of the community learning about all facets of business and learning within the community.  Our service learners will work in the schools, and in the community with local businesses to get a better understanding of how this community faces daily life.   In Petersfield our students stay in local homes with community people that show them how a day in the life of a Petersfieldian actually works.  Our students learn how to cook local Jamaican food,  go to local beaches and partake in community cookouts, and engage with community members about projects that are currently in progress.  This trip is beneficial to ALL degree programs!

                             Belize City, Belize


Unity School 


Colett District Belize City, Belize

Social and educational programs in Belize City

Ardenti Global Service Learning will be working closely with the Unity School in the Colett District in Belize City to create social and educational programs designed to help students understand the importance of literacy, graduating, sex education and drug and alcohol education. 


Talequah, OK Cherokee Nation

We help within the community focusing on projects that enhance a better learning experience for the children of the local head start program as well as programs at the Methodist Home.

Cherokee Nation~~  Talequah, Oklahoma

Want to explore a Native American community and learn all about their culture?  We will be hosting several trips a year to this amazing community!!  Learn all about Cherokee heritage, the trail of tears, and walk through a model village that takes you back in time.  Learn how to basket weave and all about Native American story telling!    While there, we will participate in community projects that include working within the community at the local head start program as well as working with the Methodist home that houses foster kids, and kids that are about to age out of the foster system. This promises to be a week long adventure you will never forget!!!


Douglas Castle, Jamaica

Travel with us way up into the mountains of beautiful Jamaica to a tiny town called Douglas Castle.  We will be engaging in a super fun summer camp for kids while also traveling to Bob Marley's place of birth and where he is buried all the way down to the coast to Negril to cliff dive.... (that's right I said cliff dive) and over to Ochos Rios to climb UP a waterfall.  We will stay within the community and learn all about Jamaican culture, cuisine and local practices and how they have fun.  You'll never want to leave!!  July 7-16, 2018


Partnership with INdependent electrical contractors Atlanta chapter for local volunteer work

Ardenti is committed to both global and local community service.  We have partnered with the IEC Atlanta Chapter to show their students the benefits of community involvement.  Volunteers from the IEC have served right here in the Atlanta Community as well as with the fire cleanup and reconstruction in Gatlinburg Tennessee.  For more information on the IEC visit