Delores Maria Tuten Scholarship for Student Service Learning

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Go Passionately with a scholarship!

Apply today for our scholarship for student service learning! Only two scholarships available per year! Make sure to get your application done ASAP to be considered for this all expense paid scholarship to one of our unique destinations!


Delores Maria Tuten

Delores Tuten was a vibrant woman with a zest for life and a generous soul.  Her humor and quick wit attracted new lifetime friends wherever she went.  She had an insatiable desire to travel the world visiting places like Italy, Mexico, Cape Cod, Florida, California, and even backpacked in Jamaica.  In most instances, her travel was somewhere that water was close.  She felt most peaceful anywhere near the ocean. 

Delores also donated generously to many different charities including the Wounded Warrior Project, Heifer International, and was a yearly contributor to St. Vincent’s Academy Music Scholarship Fund for exceptional musically inclined students.  Students under this program are able to attend St. Vincent’s Academy in Savannah Georgia through scholarship while pursuing their musical aspirations.  It was very important to Delores that young people get a chance to live their dreams.

This scholarship is to continue her legacy to give young people a chance to pursue their dreams while attaining their higher education degree.  It also encompasses her one true passion; traveling.  It is an honor for Ardenti Global Service Learning, Inc. to offer the Delores Maria Tuten Scholarship for Student Service Learning so that young college students can participate in the gift of travel while demonstrating good stewardship.