What does Ardenti Do?

We integrate the knowledge you are learning in the classroom into communities that are struggling or need assistance through volunteering.  Our organization strives to immerse our student learners into cultures and communities consistently, so that they gain a clear understanding of the benefits of community involvement.  


Our Mission

Ardenti Global Service Learning, Inc. hopes to facilitate community involvement and cultural competency through service and fair trade learning opportunities. Ardenti believes everyone should be have the chance to make an impact as well as have an impact made on them through these opportunities. Our organization seeks to provide, when possible, scholarship opportunities for those individuals with a passion to make a difference but no means to engage in fair trade learning opportunities. Our mission, should you choose to accept it, is to open your eyes to a different perspective made possible through travel and mutually beneficial learning.

Only through community can you understand compassion
— Jennifer Young, Ardenti Global Service Learning, Inc.