Why Service Learning?

Service Learning has many benefits that enhance your undergraduate or graduate experience. Volunteer abroad today!

What is Service Learning and why should we be doing it?

Service Learning has many benefits that enhance your undergraduate or graduate experience.

One of the most surprising things that our speakers or student ambassadors find out when they are speaking to undergraduate or graduate students is that more often than not, the typical college student really either does not understand what service learning is, or why it is important to them for their careers beyond graduation. So, Ardenti felt it was important to have a place to come to that gives you up to date information on developments in the service learning community as well as why these opportunities will help you when advancing your education or career. Please use this space as an opportunity to learn more about why service learning is so important to you in your academic development as well as why it is so beneficial for the communities in which you will be working. We have provided resources on this page for you to browse and learn anything you need to know about why service learning, study abroad, or volunteering abroad is important to you.

At Ardenti we know following the road less traveled is harder than taking the path everyone else is taking. We want to make this as memorable an experience as possible when you volunteer abroad. We are with you every step of the way and allow you to take the process of all of our service learning projects in and fully immerse yourself into the experience. Student service learning or becoming a global leader is a work in progress and the transition sometimes takes a few times to get used to. We are here to watch you grow and learn in that process through reflection, reaction, and ultimately action or advocacy for the communities in which you work! We welcome you to experience the whole process in your own way and on your own time schedule. We want you to always #GoPassionately whether it’s with us or anyone else!

“I talk about my semester abroad during every one of my interviews. No matter if the job has an international aspect or not, employers are always fascinated to learn about what I have gained from such a culturally rich experience. It is imperative to leverage your experience in job interviews, especially if you spent time learning another language; it shows that you are both committed to a goal and are able to thrive in diverse environments.”

Benjamin Pauker

George Washington University in A Student's Guide to Study Abroad by Stacie Nevadomski Berdam, Allen E. Goodman, and Sir Cyril Taylor

Additional Resources for the traveling student:

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