Belize 15 days/14 nights

June 17-30, 2018*Roughly 120 service learning hours*

Come fly with us to Belize!!  We stay 11 days/10 nights in the local community in a dorm style bed and breakfast.  While in Belize we will be working in the Colett District in Belize City in the Unity School and at the Gateway Center.  We will work with students kindergarten through 6th grade to educate about real social issues the community faces daily.  Drug use prevention and awareness, sex education, literacy, and staying in school are a few of the issues we tackle.  Roll up your sleeves and prepare yourself to fall in love with this community and local children.  

It's Not all work...

All work and no play made Johnny a dull boy!!  So while we are here helping the community we also take time to explore the country.  There are river/cave tubing and ziplining adventures, snorkeling, Mayan Ruin tours and of course shopping!  Come discover all Belize has to offer while learning the local community and making memories and friends that last a lifetime!!

 Jammin in Jamaica

Jammin in Jamaica

10 Days/9 nights Petersfield Jamaica

Spring Dates tBD Soon

Let's Jam in Jamaica!!  For 10 days/9 beautiful nights we will hang out right here in the local community!  We actually live with local Jamaican families learning all about Jamaican culture and cuisine.  We will work within the community schools and with the Association of Clubs assisting teachers in the classrooms and assisting Mr. Matthias Brown with local projects that need extra hands, all the while seeing how their 20 year long immersion program within this community and in partnership with another global service learning organization has successfully progressed.  Here we will explore the part of Jamaica that tourists don't.  This trip is in partnership with Amizade Global Service Learning.  Who's ready to Go.Passionately.??


In our downtime we like to head over to the famous Ricks Cafe in Negril where you try your hand at jumping off cliffs while taking in local cuisine and music.  We participate in local sugar plantation farming and visit the local Blue Fields beach where you can experience bbq made by locals while sitting on the beautiful teal water beach.  There's a roaring river in town and with Mr. Brown, you never know where else you might go!  He's ready to take you all over Petersfield to show you his home.  You don't want to miss this fun filled two weeks.  Register now to hold your spot!!

Douglas Castle, Jamaica Summer 2018 *Approximately 80 service learning hours*

Come with us high up to the mountains of Jamaica in July 17-30, 2018 for 10 beautiful days and 9 amazing nights.  While there will become part of the community.  We will live there, work there and play there.  While helping the community for their homecoming events for residents that have gone to live either over seas or in different parts of Jamaica, we will also see some of the amazing beauty that Jamaica has to offer.  We will visit real working rum and coffee plantations as well as climb waterfalls at Dunn's River falls and visit Negril and Rick's Cafe and jump off cliffs!!  Come see all Jamaica has to offer through its beauty and culture while working in an amazing community and learning all about the people who live and work there.  This trip is going to be insane!! 


Cherokee Nation: *60 service learning hours*

Summer 2018  Come with us on a journey to Cherokee Nation in Talequah, Oklahoma.  We will immerse ourselves in Native American history, heritage and culture.  While there we will work within the community at the head start program for children or the local Methodist home that houses foster children and kids ages 16-20 that are aging out of the foster care system and transitioning.  We will learn all about Cherokee culture through the Heritage Center, and model village as well as learn how to basket weave and hear a community story teller.  We spend 9 days and 8 nights in Oklahoma.