Bucket List…..Bucket Farming

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When you think of back to school you probably think of getting back into the swing of things with new classes and professors and some old and some new friends.

When our students in Belize think of back to school they are excited and ready to learn new things and see their teachers and friends that they haven’t seen all summer. Most of our students in Belize travel back to their home country during the summer or they visit family in a different part of the country. However, they are ready to go when school starts back in session in September.

The fall is filled with many exciting things for them! Gurifina Day is an exciting day for our Belizean students because they can celebrate all the different cultures that make Belize such a great place to live!

Our students also look forward to another exciting visit from Ardenti and their service learners who host Camp T.O.U.C.A.N. an after school program that progresses literacy skills through fun creative learning techniques! This fall, The Pollination Project has awarded Ardenti a grant to incorporate literacy into bucket farming! We will be showing the kids how to bucket farm fruits and vegetables while incorporating literacy skills through journaling! SO EXCITING!

Ardenti would love to change the way you SEE the world with this life changing trip. To find out how you can be a part of our fall trip in November you can visit our website www.ardenti.net to see what adventures await you! We offer affordable trips that don’t bust the budget and we also offer no interest payment plans so you can SEE the world without draining your bank account.

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Want to see what this trip looks like? Take a look at this short video of our last fall trip!

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