Delores Maria Tuten: Ardenti’s Scholarship namesake

Delores Maria Tuten: Ardenti’s Scholarship namesake

We are going to cut to the chase:

Summer in the Caribbean is a BLAST!

We would love for you to be a part of this life changing adventure with us. Come along to Belize and become a part of a magical journey. You will love the people. You will learn about yourself and all this amazing country has to offer! Dates are June 29- July 14. While there we will explore the country while hosting a summer camp for some pretty incredible kiddos! You can apply HERE! Come see what all the fuss is about and learn all there is to learn about Belize! Education majors will LOVE this chance to be engaged and play an active role in helping progress literacy skills in children, but ALL majors have a blast when they come on this incredible trip!

Need to stay state-side?

We are headed to Austin Texas as well to hang out at Community First!

Our HSDA majors LOVE this trip! We hang out in a tiny home community for the formerly chronically homeless working alongside the residents of this amazing community! While there we explore San Antonio, Little Mexico, and if we have 10 students sign up we go on a HOT AIR BALLOON ride! WHAT?? Dates are June 7-15 and you can sign up HERE!

Scholarships available!

We have competitive scholarships available so don’t wait apply today!

Want to try to be one of our scholarship recipients? You can start your application HERE! Don’t wait though, the deadline for Austin is March 30, 2019 and the deadline for Belize is April 15, 2019! Make sure you have all documents in for our committee to select a winner!

Just want to make an impact?

Become a Water Warrior!

We are giving back by putting a clean drinking water cooler at the Unity School in Belize City. Currently these children don’t have access to free clean drinking water. We want to change that and you can too! If you sign up to be a water warrior, for just $10.00 a month (or the price of two trips to your local coffee shop) you can provide two cooler bottles (The big 5 gallon kind) a month! This give us constant access to clean drinking water! Your subscription is completely tax deductible as we are a 501 C 3 organization. You can make a HUGE impact for a child today by signing up HERE!

GOT QUESTIONS? Email us @ so we can get you #GoingPassionately

Watch Below to see what a Belize trip looks like!

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