Yes, as you can tell... I am a 46 year old Swiftie for life!!  

Yes, as you can tell… I am a 46 year old Swiftie for life!!  

So, yes.  I love her.  And it’s ok if you don’t.  It doesn’t exclude you from having a great time going passionately with us but you may sometimes hear me singing (badly) a tay tay song or hear me randomly using a reference from one of her many songs that I know EVERY.SINGLE.WORD. to.   I have three daughters. One of which I am quite positive would be entirely ok with me putting a second mortgage on my house to create an homage to Taylor room in my home so that she could light a candle every day.  It’s just that bad in my house y’all.  

What in the world does this have to do with this blog?  Well I will tell you.  

The past two weeks have been INSANE!!  I have spoken in I think somewhere around 14 classes (I lost count) at my Alma Mater UNG (#Whoop whoop) and this coming week I am in 12.  I then make my way to the University of Alabama to speak to a couple of sororities and then it’s back to UNG to the volunteer fair September 21st.  HOLY COW!!  In that small amount of time 344 of you have signed up for additional information and that isn’t including next week’s classes, University of Alabama and the Volunteer fair!!  YOU GUYS REALLY WANT TO GO.PASSIONATELY!!!   344!! In a week and a half!  

That. Is. Crazy.  And I feel a little like Tay Tay when she breaks the internet with her cray cray videos (that are in my humble opinion literal works of art) because that means we are going to have some awesome trips this fall with some great people to go and help these wonderful communities while you guys get some awesome hands on experience and see the REAL sides of these countries.  Not some resorts that you go to when you pay like a gazillion dollars for Sandals on the beach and an all inclusive beach bar.  Now, don’t get me wrong, those vacations can be awesome!!  but, taking a trip like this, where you literally become part of the community and you come to understand the bigger more global community is honestly LIFE CHANGING. 

Don’t believe me?  Look at what Christine had to say one day on Facebook after having taken our summer trip:  

“Upon some serious self reflection yesterday- I’ve realized that I meet so many people every single day. Whether it’s at the hospital or it’s volunteering, walking down the street or even grocery shopping. The fact that I came across this quote at the same time I was thinking this-is amazing. “Maybe some people just aren’t meant to be in our lives forever. Maybe some people are just passing through. It’s like some people just come through our lives to bring us something: a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn. And that’s why they’re here. You’ll have that gift forever”. If I meet so many people in just one day- then I hope I am that gift to them. I hope they realize that they are that gift to me. I want to be that person that changes their life in a good way, even if it’s just by giving them a smile. Belize changed my outlook on everything.”  #volunteering   #belize #changealife   #changetheworld  #changealife #smilemore   #nurselife   #ernurse   #positivevibes ~~~~~~ Christine Candia about her recent service learning trip to Belize this summer…. Christine was a valuable asset to our team this summer. We called her the “baby whisperer” because no one could calm and teach our 3 year old campers like she could!! Great job reflecting Christine Candia !

Christine did a great job getting out of this trip exactly what was intended.  A different perspective and the willingness to continue giving with the career that is your passion.  And Christine wasn’t the only one.  All 5 of our service learners, this summer, came home with some way this had impacted their lives.  One of them was so impacted she is now on my board for my organization!  What??

Listen, if you don’t go with Ardenti, go with someone.  Go out in the world make your mark and let’s show everyone who is saying that we can’t change the world, that we DEFINITELY CAN.  

Since I feel like Grammy winning Taylor, for the next 10 days while I am out speaking in different classes and getting more sign ups, I am going to offer all of my blog readers a coupon if you sign up for one of our trips.  Blast in Belize sign ups will get a coupon for $100 dollars off of your deposit.  That’s right.  The deposit for the trip is currently $300.00 and you will get $100.00 off of that if you sign up within the next 10 days.  Jam in Jamaica will get $125.00 off of your deposit of $300.00


If these trips sell out, there is a waiting list created so don’t think that you don’t have a shot at this!!  If someone drops out, you will be next on the list to go.  If no one drops out, we get you on board for our spring trips to Belize or Jamaica.  If you are put on the waiting list you will be notified immediately and if anyone drops you will have 24 hours to get in on this trip or tell us you will go in the spring.  We will go ahead and sign you up for our spring trip at that time. With your deposit.  AND, the best part is, I will extend the coupon to you as well!! 

What does this mean?  It means hurry to the link below and sign up.  Get in on this deal and let’s get you going passionately to have a blast in Belize or to Jam in Jamaica.  Here are some of the things you will do while in these places:


  • Be the inaugural trip of our new literacy after school camp for kids and for young adults who have made the big step to try and get back into high school after dropping out, or go to vocational school, or get job ready.
  • Make an impact in children’s lives that will last a lifetime.  You will be giving the gift of literacy. With that gift, these children will gain confidence and learn how to make better decisions in an environment where they might not otherwise do so.
  • You will go cave tubing after ziplining through the jungle and having an authentic Belizean lunch.
  • You will go see Mayan Ruins 
  • You will go to a local karaoke restaurant and test out your vocal skills with some local people in Belize City.
  • You will go tour the Belize City Hospital.  
  • You will tour the University of the West Indies where students such as yourself are pursuing their degrees just like you 

AND  MORE!!  ( I have to keep some things a surprise!)  

In Jamaica:

  • You will live in Jamaican homes with Jamaican mom’s who cook for you and let you take naps. (this was personally my fave)
  • You will create green space and clean up green space so children have a safe space to play without worry of harm.
  • You will go to local beaches and see how locals relax on their off time.
  • You will see how the association of clubs operates, takes on the problems and concerns of the Petersfield community and how community leaders take on these problems and concerns.  
  • You will participate in culinary night and learn how to make an authentic Jamaican dish (es) 
  • You will travel to Negril and dive off cliffs
  • You will visit classrooms at the primary and elementary school in Petersfield 
  • You will help create an efficient space for kids to learn and assist teachers in the classroom.

AND MORE!!  (surprises are my thing.) 

So, Look what you made me do!! You made me give you some pretty awesome coupons.  When you go to the link below in the box that asks you for the coupon code type in the coupon you want to use:  BELIZE100  OR JAMAICA125 and let’s get GOING PASSIONATELY!!

There’s no time like the present!

You guys.  We are changing lives.  

Theirs. and. Yours.

It’s been fun chatting with you

Until next time,



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